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Wartamine *NEW*

Brand new to the market in October 2010 this powerful solution eliminates warts within 3 days. Making it by far the most effective treatment and the main factor Wartamine is selling at an alarming rate!

The markets bestseller in genital warts treatment. Wartrol is taken orally in the form of a spray that is administered underneath the tongue and is absorbed very quickly into the body.

Dermisil for Warts is a proven treatment to eliminate all strains of warts including common warts, plantar warts, genital warts including (venereal, vaginal, perianal, anal warts) and flat warts without pain

The effectiveness of Heal Warts to treat genital warts and HPV - the Human Papilloma Virus - including anal, vaginal, body & genital warts, in both men or women, is unsurpassed

DermaTend™ is completely safe and natural and is quickly making surgery obsolete. Using organic and wild crafted ingredients DermaTend™ is a safe, cost-effective alternative to surgery

Also Available Immune System Control Treatments

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Genital Warts In Mouth - Is It Possible?


It is possible to get genital warts in your throat and mouth. Getting hpv genital warts in your mouth is caused by having oral sex with someone who has the HPV virus. If you develop genital warts in your mouth we would recommend visiting a doctor as the warts may spread into your throat causing extreme discomfort and possible breathing difficulties. Once someone becomes infected with the hpv virus unfortunately you will have it for the rest of your life, but not necessary develop genital warts on their genitals or mouth. There're many strains of the hpv virus and only some strains will make you develop genital warts.

Oral Genital warts as well as penis and vaginal warts have episodes' or 'flare-ups' and will appear from time to time usually when your immune system is weak. They will usually disappear on there own after usually 2 years but can be unsightly and the majority of people tend to take action to remove them. Wartrol Genital Wart Treatment is taken orally so would be an ideal treatment for genital warts in mouths.

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