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Wartamine *NEW*

Brand new to the market in October 2010 this powerful solution eliminates warts within 3 days. Making it by far the most effective treatment and the main factor Wartamine is selling at an alarming rate!

The markets bestseller in genital warts treatment. Wartrol is taken orally in the form of a spray that is administered underneath the tongue and is absorbed very quickly into the body.

Dermisil for Warts is a proven treatment to eliminate all strains of warts including common warts, plantar warts, genital warts including (venereal, vaginal, perianal, anal warts) and flat warts without pain

The effectiveness of Heal Warts to treat genital warts and HPV - the Human Papilloma Virus - including anal, vaginal, body & genital warts, in both men or women, is unsurpassed

DermaTend™ is completely safe and natural and is quickly making surgery obsolete. Using organic and wild crafted ingredients DermaTend™ is a safe, cost-effective alternative to surgery

Also Available Immune System Control Treatments

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Wartamine Review


"Customer Reviews of Wartamine" . . .

Welcome to the buyers review of Wartamine, the new groundbreaking genital warts treatment. It has been developed to eliminate genital warts in as little as 72 hours (3days). All other genital warts treatments take

alot longer to take effect so when we heard about this claim by Wartamine we had to ask for reviews of the treatment by you our customers to see if firstly it worked? and secondly how long did Wartamine take to eliminate genital warts?

Our aim of this Wartamine review is to try and give you as much information and an unbiased opinion about Wartamine as possible, as well as giving you actual reviews from our readers who submitted a review to us. Hopefully then this will help you decide if it's the treatment for you before you commit to buy Wartamine.

About Wartamine



Wartamine is an alternative to prescription drugs and therefore a visit to the doctors is not necessary to use or buy the treatment. Wartamine is a treatment for genital warts and was developed in 2009 by a highly regarded company in the health industry. They claim results can be seen within 3 days and in many cases completely eliminate genital warts within that time. They also have a money back guarantee so if you're not happy with the product you can sent it back - no questions asked!


As well as selling Wartamine the company sell lots of other natural homeopathic treatments and have appeared on TV and in newspapers around the world including 'CNN' and 'The New York Times'. They are not a company out to scam you and guarantee absolute discretion and privacy on all orders. Every order is shipped in a plain brown box - no company logos, descriptions, anything. Also they are currently offering 2 free bottles of Wartamine with certain orders, which is a great offer we feel!


Does Wartamine work or is it a scam?


We at are in the market to offer you genital warts treatments and we don't want you to buy one product over another, we simply want to give the reader as much information and feedback on what previous buyers have thought of the product. By doing this we want to help you have a better understanding of Wartamine, and help you decide if it is the right treatment for you to buy! Having received over 900 reviews on treatments and the only site that publishes these reviews on their website we feel we are in the best position to help you when deciding to buy a treatment.

As you may be aware from our treatment overview page Wartamine is new to the market and is becoming extremley popular with buyers. But it is all just good marketing and a scam or is it really an effective treatment?


Having received over 900+ reviews of genital warts treatments we would say Wartamine does work! It is becoming the best treatment to buy and most effective according to our website readers such as yourself.

We are recieving alot of positive feedback on Wartamine and on the speed which it takes to act. The vast majority of reviews we have recieved are claiming it's eliminating their genital warts in under 10 days, and in many cases in as little as 3-4 days.

Within a matter of days, warts exposed to the Wartamine solution will turn white - then black - before falling off (usually in the shower). The removal of visible warts will help prevent future outbreaks, and can help prevent the transmission of the HPV virus to others. As with any treatment, the goal of Wartamine is to quickly eliminate both internal and external warts. Complete detailed instructions are included with every order also.

Customers that are using Wartamine say they will only use this product in the future as the results are so fast effecting. We think these results are amazing and hope customers continue to submit reviews to us.


HUGE Bonus ...why pay 4, 5 or 6 times the price!


You usually spent up to $500 on a prescription treatment from a doctor, and these drugs come with a huge ammount of side effects such as burning, blistering and vomiting. On this site Wartamine treatment is priced at under $50. That's a massive saving of well over $450! Making us the cheapest place to buy Wartamine globally!

Wartamine are so confident you will be happy with the results you get from using their treatment that they are willing to offer you the treatment:

==> From Only $49.95<==


That's less than one-tenth the amount pharmacies charge for one course of treatment!


So what's the catch?

"So, What's The Catch? Why Sell 'Wartamine' for Less Than $100, or even $50?"

Well, for one simple reason.

Since you can only get Wartamine online direct from the manufactures and not from the stores Wartamine are saving costs on; distribution, storage, advertising, labour and therefore Wartamine can therefore pass those savings on to you. This is win-win for both parties! Wartamine save in costs and you save in price!

If you came to this Web site looking for information on how to remove your genital warts, this treatment is for you. No other genital warts treatment offers such fast-acting results. This is the world's most popular genital warts treatment. And you can order it here right now!

You too can enjoy the lifestyle and freedom that others now have after purchasing Wartamine. Why pay over $500 and suffer such painful side-effects when your can remove your genital warts for a fraction of the price!

==>Click HERE to Buy Wartamine Direct<==

"Wartamine is only available for sale online. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Wartamine from Walmart, GNC, Tescos, Boots, or other retail stores."

How to use Wartamine


Follow the directions that come with the bottle. The ingredients have been carefully chosen based on traditional homeopathic uses Using more than directed will not improve your situation any faster. A homeopathic drug is very delicate. It has been prepared and diluted many times, and put through a series of tests before it is ready to use.

Three things are very important when using it to, prevent contamination:

Wartamine strongly recommend you have a shower/bath before applying the treatment and regularly whist using the trea.tment.
Be certain the Wartamine Genital Wart Relief is only applied to genital warts.
Dont stop using the treatment when the genital warts fall off. Continue with the cause of treatment as instructed in the instructions.

Is there a guarantee?




You've got plenty to gain and nothing to lose with Wartamines "Money Back Guarantee" the 30-day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked!


Where to buy Wartamine


Wartamine is currently only available to buy online and can be bought without a prescription as it is a safe product to use with no side effects.

But beware of people trying to scam you out of your money. We have received reviews from people who report they have purchased products from other sites believing they are buying a genital warts treatment and all they have received is water! We can promise this will not happen to you as the only way to be 100% sure you will not be scammed is to buy directly from the manufactures themselves. The manufactures are reliable and ship all orders immediately. The link to the manufactures is below:


Some Wartamine reviews by customers


Hi there,

After living with genital warts since last year, I've been suffering from the humiliation that you can only begin to imagine. Eight days ago I found your site because I really didn't want to spend money and visit my doctor again. I decided to try Wartamine and can't believe how amazing this cure is, or whatever you want to call it. It really proves how messed up the health system is when doctors won't suggest alternative solutions like this product. The only options are the expensive pharmaceutical drug options. I tried your product and at first there was no sting, but on days 2 and 3, it did sting a little. I suppose you could argue this method is a little more painful than others, but definitely well worth it. After the very first treatment some of the larger warts dried off. From the looks of it, they'll all be gone in a matter of days and then I'll try some of the healing ointment you suggested for the skin. Thanks so much for all your help! I finally have my life back!

Suzanne in Chicago - 33yrs


I've been plagued with genital warts for the last 2+ years and I've literally tried just about everything in trying to eliminate them. I've tried each of the following treatment methods and even tried a few of them together: Aldara cream (expensive!), Condoylx, freezing myself with Compound W, freezing at my Dr's office, and even some powerful acid once, but none of these options worked well at all. Over the last few years, the HPV virus has taken a tremendous toll on my life and I haven't been able to get back on track... always worrying about the warts hasn't really helped me at all either! Anyways, I started using your product three days ago. Since then, the warts turned white and very soon thereafter dissapeared - all within just a few days!

Seriously, I'm not even messing around. Right now I am smiling and feeling an incredible sense of purity again. I actually had genital warts in places that I didn't even know about until I got done using your product. Your instructions had all the information I needed. I wish I would have tried this years ago. Now my life is back on track and I couldn't be HAPPIER! Thank you so much. This product really worked and I'm so incredibly grateful. You guys rock!

Ryan from Alberta


I recently noticed that I had some weird little bumps under my foreskin and around the base of the head of my penis that were very small as well. At first I figured they were just skin tags or something and I tried washing them off with a pumice stone. That was a BIG mistake! HAHA Anyways, I found the Wartamine site a few days after doing that and started treating the warts with your product almost immediately, but unfortunately I had infected a large area of skin. I must admit, though, that your product worked amazingly well. One wart has turned black and is close to completely falling off, and the other warts are on their way, but I'm going to let them heal completely and then try more of the product again if any more warts grow back later. Anyways, yes, this product worked great. I'm so happy that I found this site and tried the Wartamine product.

Dan from New Zealand


This stuff is brilliant!!! Why is it that i havent heard of this treatment before? Would really recommend to anyone who wants to remove their genital warts!!

I have half a bottle left and my genital wart has gone in 5 days.

Ian from Lincoln, UK


I used Wartrol last time i got a wart on my penis but saw Wartamine and it said it removed genital warts within a week so bought a bottle.

My wart went black as the instructions on the site said it would then when i removed the band aid the next morning my wart had fallen off! Brilliant! 43 days is all it took! Will use again for sure. I cant believe how well it worked! Had to come back on this site to write a review.

Andrew, Dundee 20yrs


This stuff is better than Wartrol!! Tell everyone about it.

Vicky , Brisbane


I have been using genital warts treatments for years now but only just heard about Wartamine. I purchased some last week and already my wart has fallen off! This is by far the most effective genital warts treatment i have used. I usually buy Wartrol from your site and expect my warts to go after a month or 2 but this Wartamine took 5 days to work. I cant beleive it. Im never going back to Wartrol again! Im SO happy. :-)

Jade in New Jersey


This treatment is better than the treatment the doctor gave me last year. Would definatley recommend to other customers.

Helen, Australia


Wartamine is amazing. This is the best treatment I have ever used in my life, so cheap for what it does. Please pass on my gratitude to the suppliers!



I have used Condylox a number of times over the years and having done some research on other treatments came across your site. I was very sceptical to buy anything to be frank but decided to buy Wartamine. I quite honestly am amazed at the results. After the first day I could see the treatment was working and with 4 days the warts had all vanished.

I wish I had heard of your site years ago as i would have saved about $1000 on treatment bills.

Viv, New Hampshire

The New Groundbreaking Fast Effective Treatment Which Works Within 72 Hours!
Money Back Guarantee!
Based on 27 Reviews












Wartamine is a brand new treatment developed in October 2010 to remove genital warts within 72 hours. There is a huge buzz about this product and we are excited that finally there is a genital warts treatment that can match prescription treatments costing $500+. The main factor separating Wartamine from the other products such as Wartrol is the speed at which results can be experienced. This is perhaps the most critical factor considered when we and our customers review any product. We believe Wartamine will become our most popular treatment and the most effective treatment available.

No more expensive medical bills - ever again!
Warts will turn white - then black - then disappear!
FAST effective treatment in a short period of time
Begins working instantly on contact
Eliminates genital warts in as little as 72 hours
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on every order
2 free bottles

Effects: So far customers report Wartamine is extremely effective and almost everyone that had submitted a review to us has seem their genital warts completley vanish within 10 days, and in many cases in just 3-4 days!

Suggested Usage: Wartamine suggest not to stop using the treatment when the genital warts fall off. Continue with the cause of treatment as instructed in the instructions.

Reason to Buy: Wartamine can eliminate your genital warts in as little as 72 hours! and customers reviews are backing up these claims! We strongly recommend you give Wartamine a try as we feel this product we become our number product within the next month.

>>> . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Click Here for more information
After reading this Wartamine genital warts review we hope you now have a better understanding of it and how effective it has been for buyers. If you are looking for a treatment to suppress your genital warts we would look no further than this Wartamine review to suppress your venereal warts. It is no scam!

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